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Come and see the Land and Teachings of the Baal Shem Tov!

The Baal Shem Tov is the father and founder of Chassidic teachings and philosophy within Judaism. Throughout the many centuries since he brought his revolutionary and insightful wisdom, The world has benefited very much from his teachings on love and happiness.

In Elul/September of 1734 he went public with his teachings of "love every person" and the importance of being happy in every circumstance which we find ourselves.

With the Baal Shem Tov's fame growing quickly during those days, so did his many followers. Many of these followers emphasized certain teachings which they felt were important for their particular Jewish community simply because his instruction was so universal and applicable to everyone. 

The followers of the Baal Shem Tov flowed forth into all the Chassidim of today! Through the ages of history many of these followers grew into Chassidic dynasties such as the Belz dynasty, the Sanz dynasty, Lubavitch Chabad congregations, the Bobov dynasty,the Satmar dynasty, the Karlin dynasty, the Breslovers, and the Skver dynasty, just to name a few.

I invite you to walk these paths with us!

The Shul of the Baal Shem Tov, Ukraine Tour with Chani Mandel

hether seen within the wonderment of his works, travels to his burial site, or learning about him, Rebbetzin Chana Mandel, shares the Baal Shem Tov teachings in Israel by phone in in classes. She brings Jewish women better understanding of our lives by way of the Besht. We learn from her about his deep compassion for the simple person who searches for G-d and Hashem's purpose in life that He has for us.

Chani's classes for women echo the teachings of the Besht and she invites women of all ages to join her phone teachings as seen on the top right of this page. She lives in Israel with her husband and family.

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This year Chani Mandel has expanded her teaching to two different platforms. 

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Rabbi Nachman: There Are No Obstacles in Getting Close to Hashem

The Branch of My Planting


February 2, 2021

SarahLeah B

This is the era of Malchut. We are the light which rides upon the thick dust which is kicked up by "the heels of Moshiach." 

Within this dust storm we learn bitul/humility and patience as Hashem teaches us daily. As Chani tells us in the story of the gemstones, the dirt is the ground (Malchut) upon which Abraham and our fathers walked upon. Within this dust and dirt are "the branches of My planting; the work of My hands, in which I take pride." 

It is our emunah and trust in the Planter Who shows us repeatedly that "Good can only come from Good." As Chani says "When we daven with our entire being we change our level of emunah." Now we are on a different level and we can see just a little bit better that "Only Good can come from Good."Gamzu l'tova."

The growth of this planting is inevitable. Even on our recent Tu b’Shevat we gave heartfelt thanks to Hashem for His tremendous blessings of the trees. Now that we have stepped away from this day a bit, we can see that a lot of patience and emunah is necessary. How do we achieve this new level? These attributes come by way of our heartfelt davening. "There are no obstacles in prayer or thought." 

We should continue to pray with inner strength for our families, for our teachers, and especially for each other, to become strong branches which can withstand the tumultuous winds of these times. Our eyes stay firmly upon the One who Plants and rejoices with us "in His works."


Simple Prayers Saves Lives